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Abonos ™ : a unique and inimitable wood, a wood whose main requirement is that of uniqueness.

The different colors it has taken from the ground for the amount of years it has lain in it have allowed it to have no equal.

Abonos ™ can be compared to a palette full of singular colors, or to an artist's canvas which, even if not initiated, is to be considered a work of art. The colors of an Abonos ™ trunk can vary from gold to black and the veins can create natural and organic designs marked by chromatic scales.

The tendency of wood to take on increasingly darker colors represents an increase in the age of the trunk, black ones are in fact the oldest.

The oldest trunks, which are usually oak, can reach an age of over 8000 years. Some of them can even date back to the glaciations period.

Each of these trunks is different from the other and therefore you will never find two with the same shades. The production of design objects with Abonos ™ allows to reach great relevance and high artistic level, as well as giving the customer the certainty of something that no one else will be able to own.


Abonos ™: from the value of the material to the value of the product

Abonos ™ represents the maximum characterization of a wood in terms of values ​​and identity, which can only be expressed through its use for products that are capable of transmitting its principles. For this reason, the entire Abonos ™ manufacturing and transformation chain is constantly monitored and selected to bring to the consumer an artifact intended as a unique “work of art” for its historicity, content and functionality.


Abonos ™: insights and transformations

The choice of Abonos ™ trunks is the result of experience, intuition and the ability to “see the future” to first understand the maximum expression that the trunk can then assume: a work of art or a unique piece of Italian design.
Skills and insights contained in the 3B Sawmill which for two generations has been dealing only with sustainable and quality woods. The continuous inspections, the sample tests, the punctual and selective choice of the logs, are the result of an experience that led Federico Basso , owner of Segheria 3B , to be convinced that Abonos ™ represented a bet on which to bet.

After more than four years of trials, tests, processing of blocks and veneers, transformations and finishing carried out only by "wood craftsmen", the bet was won.

Abonos ™ is not a wood but the expression of a "single material" which is transformed through innovative, creative processes to best express its potential for uniqueness. This is a task entrusted to the creativity and ingenuity of Carlo Tuzzi . The traction of the family business that from the post-war period to today has lived at the forefront of the history and production of Italian design, collaborating in the creation of unique products such as Gio Ponti's Superleggera.
Ingenuity of “know-how” to transform Abonos ™ into objects that at the same time contain innovation, uniqueness, elegance, functionality and culture. This is confirmed by the choice of some of the main companies in the fashion and furniture sector such as Boffi, Giorgetti, Larusmiani , to use Abonos ™ and to be guided by Carlo Tuzzi for the creation of new product identities.
Unique forms and functions, research, development and product innovation that Abonos ™ identifies and expresses through the “ Arte 9 Milano ” brand.

Following these principles, Arte 9 Milano has sought the best partners with whom to share a project of thought, philosophy, design and architecture: the desire is to always best express the value of Abonos ™ and the product that identifies it.

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