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Arte 9 Milano represents the know-how of Made in Italy.
Form and function, research and development, innovation and technology are the key elements that distinguish the work of
Arte 9 Milano, for supporting companies in the search for new design solutions and product identities.

The choice of Abonos ™ trunks is the result of experience, intuition and the ability to “see the future” to first understand the maximum expression that the trunk can then assume: a work of art or a unique piece of Italian design.
Skills and insights contained in the 3B Sawmill which for two generations has been dealing only with sustainable and quality woods. The continuous inspections, the sample tests, the punctual and selective choice of the logs, are the result of an experience that led Federico Basso, owner of Segheria 3B, to be convinced that Abonos ™ represented a bet on which to bet. After more than four years of trials, tests, processing of blocks and veneers, of transformations and finishing carried out only by "wood craftsmen", the bet has been won.

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